Baptism & Christening

At Golden Grove Uniting Church, we warmly welcome all who wish to be baptised, whether babies, children or adults. The Baptism will take place during the normal Sunday morning service.

Baptism is about a person becoming a part of the family of God. This means establishing a connection with the rest of the family ? the church. For a baptism at Golden Grove Uniting Church, you will be expected to attend Sunday worship services from the time of your enquiry through to the date of the baptism (usually at least four weeks). This will allow you to get to know the people at Golden Grove UC, and for us to get to know you. It will also give you time to decide whether Golden Grove UC is the right place for you and/or your child to grow in faith through an ongoing connection. We?d love to have you stay and become a part of our church family, as many have done before.

You will need to contact the minister to arrange a time to meet up in order to discuss together the meaning of baptism for both you and your child and to have any questions answered.