We recognise that Golden Grove Uniting Church is built on land that was originally cared for and used in various ways by the Kaurna people. We confess that the Kaurna people (along with the wider Aboriginal and Islander population of Australia) were dispossessed of their land through European settlement, as farmers and graziers extended their interests. We are thankful that the Kaurna people retain a strong relationship with their land and we respectfully acknowledge their elders.

Although many consider Golden Grove as ‘a well-planned new housing development’, it was actually settled in 1838, two years after the establishment of the colony of South Australia.

The early settlers were mostly farmers, or tended orchards and vineyards, but they were just as concerned to provide for their families, build a home, and to ensure a Christian education for their children, as many parents of today.

We acknowledge the Christian commitment, strength, vision and tenacity of the early settlers in this area.

Christian worship commenced in the home of Mr John Byers in 1846, and a Sabbath School began. Many changes have taken place over the years, and in 1977 the Golden Grove Presbyterian Church was inaugurated into the Uniting Church in Australia.

We are indebted to those who have kept the faith alive and have ensured that the vision of a church in this locality continues to be a reality. It has been maintained for worship to God’s Glory over the years, and is still here in this new millennium.

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