What we’re about

Our Purpose


Worship the Lord God ? Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Honour God through deep friendships
Preach the Word, witnessing to the transforming power of the Gospel
Love our neighbours and the world through acts of service

Our Mission Statement

?To draw people to our Lord Jesus Christ and to nurture them in His Love through this church.?

Our Vision Statement

?We see a Jesus-oriented church having a passion for the Gospel and compassion for the world expressed through dynamic worship, love in action, the empowering of the servant Leaders and the growing of disciples.?

The church has maintained the original simple layout of the founders with a capacity of approx. 150. This closeness fosters the family spirit encouraged in the congregation.

The congregation comes from mainly the north east suburbs and beyond. It has a very broad age range, and all sorts of people find Golden Grove a good church to belong to.