Golden Grove Uniting Church welcomes you to join us for worship

We are a Gospel-driven, connected, generous church family, mission-minded and outwardly focussed.

Sundays 10:00am

A copy of the video service will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, and accessible via this website, and on our Facebook page.

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Weekly Gazette

Whose Are You?

In our society today the big question we are posed is “who are you?” That is, we are pressed to “make a statement, project an

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Make It So, Number One!

[Eph 1:3-11] There is a great line often repeated in the television series Star Trek: The next Generation. In each episode, there is usually some galactic

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Curious Cats

My friend, Robyn, has a cat called Mabs. Mabs greets Robyn wildly every day when she gets home from work, purring and rubbing up against

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Life From the Ashes

We’ve been transfixed in recent times by the images and reports of horror coming from the war in Gaza. These images represent what people often

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