Golden Grove Uniting Church welcomes you to join us for worship

We are a Gospel-driven, connected, generous church family, mission-minded and outwardly focussed.

Sundays 10:00am

A copy of the video service will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, and accessible via this website, and on our Facebook page.

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The Weekly Word

New People

Chameleons are amazing creatures that can adapt their colour to their background and become indistinguishable from it. Christian teacher, Richard Coekin makes the point, “Christians

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Grow Up

We have a three-year-old grandson. He is starting to assert his autonomy, mostly with his dad and mum, but also to a lesser extent with

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Common Sense, or Mystery?

We like common sense. It tells us that if we do A,B&C, then we get X,Y&Z as a result. Like, for Christians, if we do the 10 commandments, or, for Moslems, if

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The Divided, United

Every day our TV screens and news feeds make if painfully clear that the members of the human race are in conflict with one another.

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