The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a dark time for people around the world, and we’re still in it! Of course, there have been darker times in history, but the present has certainly been plenty difficult enough for everyone. With this and other global concerns, we naturally worry about the future for our kids.

We are leading up to Christmas, celebrating the birth of a baby called Jesus in a town called Nazareth 2000 years ago. That was also a dark time in the world. Foreign soldiers walked the streets with swords. The future looked bleak.

We believe that the baby Jesus was also the Son of the God who made the universe. He came to tell us that God is our Father, that He loves us, forgives us, has a plan to make the best of our lives, and give us eternal life in a new heaven and earth.

The Bible calls this baby and this message Light – i.e., the Light above all other possible lights that penetrates and overcomes every possible darkness! This doesn’t make difficulties automatically easy, but if we believe and follow Jesus, He will carry us through every situation, and we, and our kids, will have a future that is indestructibly bright and hopeful.   

Grace upon cheers, Jonathan.