We have continued to be shocked at the raging ferocity of the fire storms that have been devastating the Australian landscape, causing untold harm to people and property. The family home of KI UCA Pastor, Louise Davis, was destroyed; friends of our congregation members have tragically died.

Song of Songs 8:6-7 speaks of a “raging fire that many waters cannot put out”. This fire is the strong, strong love that a husband and wife may know, which, as many translations have it, is “the very flame of the Lord”! The strong, strong love is God the Father’s, for us. Thankfully many prayers have been answered, and many of the fires are going out; however, the fire of the Father’s love won’t – it is stronger, greater!

God’s love for us is so strong that He actually goes into the fire with us (Daniel chpt. 3); if we get burnt, so does He. Ultimately we see this in the inferno of Christ’s crucifixion.

Yet God is also above the firestorms (Ps 29:10), and every storm – cosmic, or personal; He rules in and over them, and makes them to serve His and our ultimate good (Ro 8:28).

God enters the storm with us in order to strengthen, protect, lift us up, and bring us through the storm into a place of peace. God raises us up to new and eternal life from the ashes.

As we continue to pray, and give whatever practical support we can, may we and all who are affected know, trust and follow this God, our Father, as He renews the whole creation (Acts 3:19-21).

Grace in Christ, Jonathan