As we come to celebrate ANZAC Day in 2022, tragically the reality of war is very much in our minds. The constant stream of images and reports from the war in Ukraine has affected us very deeply; we have a vivid impression of the horror of war.

However, the current conflict has also shown us the nobility of fighting to defend human life, and for what is right and just. The reason that we fight for these things is in order to establish and defend the conditions of peace, where human community can flourish. 

This deepens our appreciation of all that Australia’s servicemen and women Рpast and present Рhave given to us in defending the peace of our country and of the world. We are thankful to them beyond words for making Рand being willing to make Рthe ultimate sacrifice!

The effect of the war in Ukraine is also to make us hunger and long for the end of all conflict, and for a world of true peace.

We have also just celebrated the events of Easter. On the cross Jesus Christ laid down His life for all people, to defeat sin and evil and win forgiveness and peace. Then He was raised from the dead to destroy death, and give us new lives and bodies that will live forever – and in a new, healed world of ultimate peace (Is. 11:6; Rev 21:1-4). God freely gives these gifts to all who look to Him in faith and repentance.

As we remember and give thanks for all Australian servicemen and women who fought for our country in wartime, we give thanks to God for His sacrifice to give the world forgiveness, the real hope of peace, and a limitless new future.

Grace and peace, Jonathan.