The media continue to reveal the many ways in which people have responded to COVID-19, a virus which the World Health Organisation has named a pandemic.
To generalise, people have acted either in a positive or negative manner. Virtues of generosity, kindness and love have come to the fore. In contrast, features of fear, rudeness, impatience and selfishness have been demonstrated. Perhaps one of the worst types of behaviour has been stockpiling, leaving shelves empty of some basic and essential products. Having an excess helps people to think that they are in charge and able to weather the storm.
It is in troubled times like this that we need to draw on our spiritual stockpile. When we doubt God’s presence, we can depend on our reserve of faith and trust, remembering that He has faithfully seen us through in the past.
The chorus, Hide God’s Word in your Heart, prepares us for recalling words of comfort and assurance from the Scriptures that we have read, and which have soaked into our innermost being.
Times are tough. But it’s not too late to start stockpiling. Go to the Word of God and start building up your spiritual bank with an intimate knowledge of His Word, trust in His supreme sovereignty, and faith in His everlasting love.
Nothing delights God more than a heart that seeks to know Him better and depend on Him more. Start your spiritual stockpiling today!

Rev. Gordon