In Australian society today there are few more important issues than reconciliation. This is particularly prominent around Australia Day, which tends to highlight a range of unresolved justice issues between Aboriginal Australians, and non-Aboriginal Australians.

The Bible says that, through Christ, God was reconciling all nations to Himself, not counting their sins against them (2Cor 5:19; Eph 2:13). At the same time, He was reconciling all nations to each other, breaking down dividing walls, removing hostility, and making peace, by giving all access to God the Father, making them one household of His people (Eph 2:16-19).

This means that God has accomplished everything in Jesus necessary for the full reconciliation of every Australian – Aboriginal, and non-Aboriginal.

This means that reconciliation is a gift of grace from Christ. All the impossible stuff of trying to balance up the scales of right and wrong, guilt and justice, have been done by Christ, when He took and paid for the wrong of all people on the cross. He freely gives us the gift of forgiveness and reconciliation by believing in Him and repenting of our sins. This then enables us and all people to freely give and receive those same gifts to and from one another. 

Paul says, because you have been reconciled” (by Christ), therefore… “be reconciled” (i.e., live as reconciled people – 2Cor 5:20). This basis of grace and reconciliation enables us to freely acknowledge the injustices of the past or present, to freely want to put them right wherever we can (Lk 19:8), and to freely put them right.

Peace in graceJonathan.