We?ve just celebrated three births into the Golden Grove church family: Ren?e and Ruan Wilkinson?s, in a wonderful baptism service around our swimming pool ? yes, they did make quite a splash!; and Mary Hunt?s, in an equally wonderful Baptism service around her bed at Dunbar Home ? where we also managed to splash a fair bit of water around.

This week we have also had our dear daughter, sister, mother and grandmother, Glenda Jones, pass away from us in death. We are sad. Yet she now sleeps in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, fully alive, for the Great Day when we will all be awakened, with new resurrection bodies, in a new heaven and earth, to live forever!

We also celebrate quite a few weddings in our picturesque church, which all point to the Great Wedding, that is the goal of history (Rev 19:6-9), where we will be married forever into God the Father?s Family as the Bride of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Through faith in Him, our births and lives as God?s family, and our deaths, all point and lead us to the fulfillment of this glorious purpose, which makes these events matters of great hope and joy!

Grace in Christ, Jonathan