Ever been in an impossible situation??

In Mark 9:14-29, a man comes to the followers of Jesus with his son, who is possessed by a bad spirit, which causes him to be thrown to the ground, convulse, and froth at the mouth. He asks their help to free the boy from this torment; they try, but fail. Sad helplessness swamps them. The despondent father says to Jesus, ?If you are able to do anything, have pity on us and help us.?

Jesus says that they could not help the boy because they lacked faith. Faith is not a work, a spiritual exertion. Faith is waiting upon God!?? i.e., looking to, trusting in, relying on, His strength. By lack of faith Jesus is meaning that they are closed off to believing that He is good enough, or strong enough, to help the boy. Oh, He is good enough to help ? he loved that boy enough to die for Him to pay for His sins; and he is strong enough ? He rose from the dead to eternal life? let alone created the universe! (Col 1:16)

?Are you kidding?!? of course I am able!? Just believe!? Jesus says, and straightaway His strong words call the man to faith? ?I believe??, he cries out, ??help my unbelief !? In hearing the truth from Jesus, that truth sank into His heart, and it caused faith to spring to life in him; he stopped being closed off to faith in Jesus, became truly open to it, and it seized him; the truth of Jesus went on giving him every bit of faith he would ever need in his life.

Are we open, or closed off, to the truth and healing of Christ?

Jesus freed and restored this boy!

Grace and cheers, Jonathan

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