Bread is a food group shunned by many in the West today. We may find it a little hard then to embrace the Bible’s claim that ‘bread’ is the most precious thing in the universe – i.e., “the bread of life”: Jesus Christ! (John 6: 22-59)

In Jesus’ day things were different (better?). People who lived in first century Palestine had fewer dietary choices and were more aware of their dependence on the essential supports of life. And for them bread represented the most essential of those supports; it was life itself.

So, it was potent for Jesus to identify Himself as “the bread of life”. This means that, without a vital relationship with Jesus we cannot be truly alive as human beings. We may breathe and act like human beings, but we will live a diminished life compared to what God intends. We must continually draw on the saving grace and life of Jesus Christ!

Jesus also said that He is “the bread that comes down from heaven” (John 6:33). This means that He supplies all fulfilment and the limitless riches of life – i.e., “abundant life” (John 10:10); the “heavenly feast” (Rev 19:7-9). This life will go on overflowing forever in the resurrection and the new heaven and earth. It also touches and transfigures our lives now with faith, hope, and joy.

This may even restore to us the present blessedness of carbs!

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.