I hope and pray that you are all well during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. It’s been many weeks now, and in some ways we are probably getting used to the strange environment of social separation, and at the same time feeling the strain of it. We may have been able to keep in touch with family and friends, but we still miss personal contact; nothing can replace that!
The messages from government authorities are definitely sounding more positive now, suggesting that we have turned a corner in battling the virus here in Australia. We are looking forward to the easing of the many restrictions at the right time. We don’t know as yet how long until it becomes possible to meet physically as a church family for worship and other activities, but hopefully it will be in the very near future. How we will go about the process of re-gathering is not certain yet, but the Church Council continues to meet regularly to reassess developments, and how we can best respond as a church.
It’s been great that many of us have been able to keep in contact via many means: telephone, video calls or “Skype”, fellowship groups meeting via “Zoom”, and worshipping together by watching the live streams of the worship service on Sunday mornings (or when you can catch it), or via DVD copies being delivered.

It has also been very good that many of us have been able to pray with one another over the phone or by video conference.
Above all I want to continue to encourage you to seek and trust Jesus Christ every day with all of your life. He promises to be the faithful Good Shepherd to us, and to all who will trust Him, going with us every step of the way, surrounding and upholding us in His mighty grace.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan