Many are claiming that we are seeing significant and unique changes in the global climate. There seems to be quite a bit of evidence for this, with the number of extreme weather events on our news reports ? the terrible fires in Queensland at the moment are a case in point. Or maybe this is just that we are seeing it more, with digital images from every corner of the globe flashed to us in an instant 24 hours a day. Certainly the earth has seen great changes in its history ? if the generally accepted theories are correct, from being frozen from pole to pole, to being nearly obliterated by a giant asteroid.

Jesus Christ demonstrated that He is Lord over the climate (Mk 4:35-41); and, indeed, every fibre of the universe is under the control of His say so (Heb 1:1-4; Col 1:15-18). When Jesus controlled the storm on the lake, He showed the disciples that His Lordship over the elements gave them opportunity to seek, trust and live in His goodness as their one, eternal foundation and security.

If and when there may be climate change(s), we may know that Christ is Lord, and that He is our unchangeable peace, hope and joy. We may also seek Him in prayer to actually calm the storms. Because He is also going to renew the whole creation, in making a new heaven and new earth (Act 3:21; Rev 21:1-5). This also calls and spurs us in faith to care for the creation as best we can as a sign of the great renewal that Christ is bringing.

However, the most dramatic change that we will ever see is the change in person, and in ourselves, actually trusting Jesus Christ as our Lord, Saviour and Redeemer, and ceasing to trust in ourselves and the many other worldly securities to enable us to ?make it? through life successfully. Whatever our particular ?storm? at the moment, do not be afraid. Have faith! Let the Lord of the climate change you!

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.