We live in a very shaky world. We feel fortunate to be living in Australia when we see the unthinkable trauma people are going through in the Middle East and Ukraine. Yet many of us also have our very real troubles, and we can be shaken to our core by them.

Yet, when God’s people were in circumstances not all that different from those in the Middle East right now, He says to them, “Comfort, O comfort my people”. (Isaiah 40:1-9) This is a message He also speaks to us now, however shaken we are.

Isaiah says that God comes as the mightiest of Kings – He can even raise the deepest valleys and level mountains! But at the same time, He comes as a shepherd, to gather us as His flock, feed us – meet all our need, gently lead, and carry us when we need.

These words were fulfilled at Christmas in the birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God, who is both a “lion” and a “lamb” (Revelation 5), the greatest strength, yet the one who gave His life in love to abundantly forgive us and make us dear children of God our Father forever.

He will never let you go. He must comfort you. Hold Him to that!

Grace and peace, Jonathan.