Paul gives this instruction to every Christian believer so that they may have the gifts of salvation and fullness of life, and be equipped for every situation that they find themselves in (2Tim 3:14-17). What we have learned and firmly believe is God’s truth, His Word, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which comes to us through the whole teaching of the Bible. This is the only place that the true and complete saving grace of God comes to human beings. Paul is telling us that it is of vital importance to every single one of us that we get into our Bibles!

It is not really possible to survive as Christians unless we read and study the Bible every day, meet with Christian friends regularly to discuss how its teaching works out in our daily lives and to pray about that, and regularly hear its truth preached and taught. If we feel like we are struggling in our Christian faith and life, there is a good chance that this is because we are not getting into our Bibles enough.

Very seriously, if every one of us got more into our Bibles every day, it would sort out most of our problems, and the church’s, and have great effect on our wider community!

And why wouldn’t we get into our Bibles every opportunity we’ve got?! In many places in the world, Christians risk death to get their hands on it!… I mean, it is the Word of God, that we can just open and read any time, that promises to fill us to overflowing with grace and life. Try it and you will discover that this is true!… Man… just do it!

Grace and cheers, Jonathan