This Biblical injunction has been easier said than done in the months of the COVID-19 pandemic! But, as we’ve said, we have still been able to ‘meet together’ in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, by keeping in touch by every possible electronic means, and by continuing to worship via the online video stream or DVD recordings of the services, which continues for those still not attending church. This is not perfect, but it has been a great blessing and encouragement to us.

The reason for the Biblical exhortation to not neglect meeting together is because God has made us as social beings – i.e. we can only experience life in its fullness in relationship with other people (Father, Son, Holy Spirit, spouse, family, friends, neighbours, enemies). That’s why that Psalmist said that where people meet together in unity, there God bestows His blessing (Ps 133). It’s in having fellowship with other people that our grace-created relationship with God becomes real and fully alive in us! When we practise grace with each other, the grace of God takes root in our lives much more deeply.

Now that we are meeting together again for worship – following COVID-safe guidelines – I hope that as many of us as possible will join us physically on Sunday mornings (and for Café Church at 6pm, 2nd& 4th Sundays of the month). If you are not attending for health or other reasons, that is fine of course, and you are still fully part of our worshipping church family. But do ‘meet together’ in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit by diligently joining in the worship via internet streaming or request a DVD recording. Also keep in contact with each other by every possible means, and look out and pray for one another.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan