I?ve had a number of conversations at after-funeral gatherings over the years where someone says to me something like ? ?I?ve always followed the Ten Commandments!?. I think that?s supposed to make a point to me that they will ?make it over the line? in the end? by the time that it?s their funeral I am attending.

However, the fact that they say it to me betrays their inner suspicion that they may well not ?make it? ! The rich young ruler in the Gospels had done his very best ? obeyed all the commandments, yet he still knew that this had not got him ?over the line? (inherited him eternal life ? Mk 10:17-30).

Jesus said to him, ?You have to sell everything you own and give it to the poor.? Jesus was meaning that: following the commandments and inheriting eternal life is really about loving God the Father more than anything else in your life (including all your precious money!), because He has first willingly loved you, saved you by grace, given you eternal life, and commanded you to repent and receive that gift.

The summary of every one of God?s commandments is, love Him with everything you?ve got, and love other people as (before) yourself.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan