We say that someone is ?in our face? when they invade our personal space, are always ?on at us? about something, make us feel uncomfortable, and particularly when they keep ?pushing? all of our annoyance ?buttons?. They insist on getting our attention, and forcing us to respond to them. Our gut reaction is to hold them at ?arm?s length?, or avoid them ?like the plague?!

The gift of the Holy Spirit is God in our face. God gets ?up close and personal? ? invades our personal space, He continually speaks the truth of Christ into the core of our lives (Jn 16:12-15), He pushes all of our ?buttons? ? the painful, uncomfortable ones, as well as the joyous ones, and He insists on us responding to the truth He speaks to us.

We cannot avoid or evade Him, because He has been ?poured out upon all flesh? (Acts 2:17) ? that?s you and me. We may try and push Him away, or escape Him, but it is no use, He is inescapable (Ps 139:7,8)?But the truth is, the Holy Spirit brings us all of the truth, love, forgiveness, healing, hope and joy of Jesus Christ, in order to fill us with it. Therefore, in the deepest place in our lives, we actually want the Holy Spirit more than anything else in the universe!

Stop resisting! Stop running! Give in! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!

Grace and cheers,