Has God spoken to you recently?

During World War II, a young woman had studied Morse code and applied for a job as a telegraph operator. She was invited to an interview. When she arrived she found the waiting area filled with other applicants who were chatting nervously in anticipation of getting the vacant position. The young woman took a seat and waited. Then, all of a sudden, she jumped up and walked briskly into the adjoining room. The others looked up but went on chatting. Shortly afterwards, the manager appeared to tell the group that the job had been filled. He explained that he had been tapping on his window in Morse code: ?If you can understand this, come inside. You?re hired!?

We need to be attentive to hear God speaking to us. The prophet Elijah learned that God doesn?t shout his instructions. He doesn?t normally pass on guidance in any dramatic way, such as through the howling wind, earthquake or fire. Rather, it is through the quiet reflective reading of his word; it is while we are engaging in prayer or being attentive to God through the day that he whispers into our hearts. Have you been listening lately? If so, has God being calling you to some action?

Rev. Gordon