My wife Kathryn tells of a Christian students’ camp she went on in university where the Bible Studies were on the theme, “God is not up for re-election”, and many were highly offended at this. Why?… well, because God is not up for re-election!

There are many good things about democracy, and it certainly doesn’t have many of the fatal flaws of autocracy. However, sometimes in our culture democracy has become “god”, and we can end up subconsciously assuming and acting as though the true God is subject to our vote!

In our society, we are taught that, as individuals, we have the right to ultimately determine our own values, our own moral course – whatever it is, as long as it doesn’t transgress overt taboos, and our own truth. Many Christians think this way too. Consequently, we find the idea highly offensive that God alone has the right to ultimate determination in all areas of our lives. 

The Bible says, “He who sits in the heavens laughs” (Ps 2:4). This is less a laugh of derision at human folly, as it is holy mirth at the joy to which He is redeeming the human race who submit to His gracious rule. It is a laugh that He intends to share with us (“…so that my joy may be in you” – Jn 15:11)… forever!

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.