Aboriginal Australians have an understanding that they are attached to the land and are a part of it. This is a Biblical truth. We are dust, dirt – the land – that God gathered together and formed into human beings, then breathed His life-giving Spirit into, and we became the living men, women and children that we are (Gen 2:7).

We are deeply connected to the earth and why it is here. Psalm 24 tells us that “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it”, in order that we will seek His face, His salvation, and His blessing. (Ps 24:1,5,6). Australia is not just a playground for interminable long weekends! It is here so that all Australians would know Him, its Creator, and seek and receive His salvation and blessing.

The Bible tells us that God’s ultimate purpose is to bring together those out of all the nations of the world, to know, love and worship Him in His eternal kingdom (Rev 21:22-27). We see a prefigurement of this in Australia, as we’ve become a mixture of peoples and cultures from all over the world. There are still plenty of difficulties to overcome for that ultimate goal to be realised, and only Christ our redeemer can lead us to that goal. He will!

Give thanks for, and celebrate, this great country of Australia – God’s own country.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan