South Australian Anglican Minister, preacher and evangelist, Geoffrey Bingham, said “evangelism is a heart too full of the love of God to contain it”. He was really just quoting Jesus Christ when he said this (Mt 12:34b-35a).

When I first became a Christian, I was “blown away” by the incredible love and mercy of God my Father! It was so amazing to me that God loved me who had tried so hard to run away from Him. And that His Son Jesus Christ had willingly died for me to forgive all my sins, and reconcile me to God the Father – to bring me into His love and family forever! 

This changed my life and world completely. I was on a ‘high’ for about six months, more carefree and joyous than I had ever been before. This was so good I just couldn’t keep it in. I had the experience that it was too much for my heart to contain; it had to burst out, to overflow. 

I wanted to tell everybody – and did. I loved seeing the way that people’s eyes widened, and a look of wonder crept over their faces, like they could glimpse the amazing things I was seeing.

We need to be recaptured by the great Love of God in Jesus Christ each day, be filled with it in the power of the Holy Spirit, have our hearts too full to contain it, so that it bursts out, overflows, and we share it, witness to it, with the people we bump into every day.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.