History Repeating

We – the West – are stunned at the moment by the arrogance and evil of Russia invading Ukraine. Since WWII and the Cold War, we like to think that humanity has “evolved” to be something “better and higher” than this, and moved “beyond” the evil of nationalistic aggression. 

However, the Bible affirms that “every thought and inclination of the human heart is only evil, continually”. (Gen 8.21 – and that is even after the sobering, cataclysmic judgement of the flood!) We never learn, and it is presumptuous to think that we have!

A part of our shock is at the plain tragedy of human suffering in war, and the current conflict is a crime against humanity. But another part of it is a degree of precious naivety; this is just regular evil and sin, that can and does emerge at any time – such as we are all capable of. We should not be overly shocked.

As Christians, we recognise this truth in the light of the Gospel – i.e., that the One, true Prince of Peace has come into the world, Jesus Christ, that His saving death on the cross defeats all evil and forgives all sins, and has the power to create a new, human community of peace, for all who look to Him in faith and repentance.

Grace and peace, Jonathan.