In South Australia, we’re feeling like we’ve ‘dodged a bullet’ to some extent, as far as COVID-19 infections and fatalities are concerned. Numbers of us have received at least one jab of a vaccine, and we hear of the daily numbers of vaccinations rapidly climbing. Yet for all that, vaccine hesitancy is still widespread, and the danger of a virulent outbreak hasn’t disappeared. There’s still an awful lot of uncertainty and insecurity in the community. 

When will we be free of worry and feel secure? The truth is, we don’t know; and even when COVID-19 is ‘under control’, it is hard to see that things will ever go back to how they were before 2020. Another truth is, even when COVID-19 is not our number one concern, we will soon replace it with another that is likely to worry us just as much. “Man was born to suffering as the sparks fly upward”, one of my favourite Bible verses says! (Job 5:7; my wife calls me ‘Eeyore’!… can’t think why??….)

The Bible says that everything that can be shaken, will be shaken (Heb 12:26-28). This is so that we will look for and find what is truly unshakable – eternally secure. i.e., God’s truth, grace, salvation, and His new heaven and earth yet to be revealed. Therefore, our insecurity is not just a passing ‘bad patch’, but a good gift; not that we should be crushed or destroyed by it, but that in the midst of it, we look to Jesus Christ in faith – our Redeemer, Saviour and Good Shepherd, and in Him know our security that overcomes all insecurity.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan