The Bible says, “blessed are the meek (or humble), for they shall in-herit the earth” (Mt 5:1-5). And, as Monty Python said, “Oh, that’s nice isn’t it? I’m glad they’re getting something, ‘cause [the meek] have had a hell of a time.”!!

But no, blessing has never been the payment for being humble, like compensation for doing something very distasteful. Rather, we discover that humility is blessedness!… Living in humility is grace and salvation and fullness of life overflowing in us; it is the effect of these things having first come to us.

When we know that we are utterly lost in life, and that we cannot “make it” by our goodness, cunning, or trying as hard as we can; that our only hope is if the grace of God gives us the gift of salvation and overflowing life; and that He has freely done this for us in Jesus Christ, then we simply will be truly humble!

However, we shouldn’t try to be humble. As soon as we do that, we think about ourselves being humble, and how we deserve to be rewarded (i.e., we boast about being humble!), and instantly we have lost humility!

Rather the trick is ceasing to think about ourselves!… Real humility is not being concerned with ourselves, and being concerned with someone else instead. Firstly, being concerned with God, out of thanksgiving, love and joy for all that He gives us; and, secondly, being concerned with all of our neighbours, to love them in the same way that God has loved us.

Then, we won’t resist God’s will, but freely submit ourselves to Him; won’t seek to get our own way, won’t look down on others, nor “big-note” ourselves, but will be patient with others, lower ourselves to help others who are having difficulties, put the needs of others before our own.

Grace upon grace, Jonathan.