In 2014, Kent Brantley, doctor and Christian missionary with Samaritan’s Purse, contracted the Ebola virus while treating sick patients in the midst of the epidemic outbreak in Liberia. Amazingly, using highly experimental treatment, he recovered.

He writes, “…I was isolated for three days before my diagnosis came back, and so during that time, I was able to get to a state of mind with a perspective on what we were doing there. And I think that was a gift from God that totally transformed the way that I responded to the situation so that when I did get my diagnosis I said, ‘God, I just came here to serve you; I just want you to be glorified.’ And I think He answered that prayer.”

Kent Brantley wrote of his experience in a book titled Called for Life: How Loving Our Neighbour Led Us Into the Heart of the Ebola Epidemic. He and his family have now returned to Africa to work as medical missionaries.

When we know that God the Father has loved us so undeservedly and limitlessly through the death of His dear Son Jesus Christ, it transforms and liberates us to love others above all concern for ourselves. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead to eternal life also gives us that same gift, so that we do not have to fear death.

Love, like there is forever!

Grace in Christ, Jonathan