We can be irked when people adopt a “greener-than-thou” attitude, and put guilt on us to demonstrate greater environmental responsibility. Our reaction is understandable; this is how we react to any form of self-righteousness.

However, we have an obligation to care for the environment. In fact, the first “environmentalist” was God! He declared His creation “very good” (Gen 1:31); He intends to fill the earth with His glory, “as the waters cover the sea” (Hab 2:14); He will cleanse the earth of all evil and pollution (1Pt 3:10); God will make the entire earth and heavens completely new, and transfigure them with His glory (Rev 21:1-5), and they will last forever! (Is 66:22)


Not surprisingly then, God called us – who are created in His image – to also be “environmentalists” like him. We are to exercise control over the creation in being the best stewards of it that we can be (Gen 1:27-30; 2:15). The Psalm writer celebrates again and again God’s great glory in the environment of His creation, and the Prophet declares that one day the very trees and hills will sing of God’s glory! (Is. 55:12). Christians ought to be the best carers of the environment!

However, because this is all based upon faith in Jesus Christ, supreme Lord and   Redeemer of the heavens and earth, who forgives and sets us free to live for Him by grace, we won’t do any of this out of fear, nor be militant about it, and certainly not with any “greener-than-thou” self-righteousness. Rather we will do so in great freedom, hope and joy for the glorious future of our world, the universe and humanity.

Grace, and cheers