We start a sermon series today – “Journey to the Cross”, and it’s all about dancing. We may wonder at that, but Jesus died on the cross precisely in order to usher us into a dance that will last forever.

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit rejoice in each other (Mark 1:11); and they rejoice over us (Zephaniah 3:17). The Hebrew word translated as “rejoice” means “to spin around under the influence of violent emotions” – i.e., to dance.

The fact that God rejoices “over us” carries the sense of the Father, Son and Spirit embracing us with their dance so that we join in it with them. So, it’s not surprising that the Bible speaks about us dancing with joy before God (Jeremiah 31:12-13).

A dance of joy is the highest expression of true loving relationship; where its inner goodness wells up and bursts out with a flourish. That’s what we ultimately desire from all relationships, because that’s what we are created to have in the ultimate relationship – i.e., with God.

Breaking our relationship with God cut us off from that; Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is what gives it back to us.

So, grab hold of it, and dance like no one is watching.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.