We have many questions. For example: “Am I going to pass my exams?”; “Can my family really afford this mortgage?”; “Will I survive this breast cancer?”; “How can I cope with my marriage breakdown?”; “What does my life mean now that my wife has passed away?”; “Will our society ever be free of COVID-19?”; or – on the more positive side – “How did I get this good fortune?”; or, “How can life be so good and joyous?”

Yet behind every question, there is another deeper question: “Is there something out there that makes sense of all the struggle, mess and joy, and makes it all as good and as ultimate as we really want it to be?” Because if there isn’t, the struggle would be only pointless and unbearable, the mess and pain would be only mindless suffering, and the joy would be only, teasing delight, soon to be lost from us forever.

Every human being has all of these questions buzzing around inside of them! – whether they are aware of it or not. As Christian believers we know that Jesus Christ, the Creator, Father and Redeemer of all, gives us meaning, purpose, help, hope and joy, that is real now, and ultimate, eternal.

Philip, a Christian believer, bumped into a tourist from Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian was full of questions (Acts 8:26-40). Philip just told him that he believed in Jesus Christ, who had a good plan for his life and for the world, and that he could also believe and know that this is true for him too, and he did!

Every one of us can do the same as Philip, in whatever way that we are able, and people with have their questions answered, and come to the same faith.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.