I was a teenager at high school in the late 1970s. It was the height of the Cold War between the United States and the West, and the Soviet Union and the East. I remember ‘living and breathing’ the threat of WWIII breaking out, and nuclear winter.

In one way or another, humanity has always lived under many threats to our wellbeing and existence, it just takes different forms at different times. Of course, the more novel the more it looms in our awareness and engages our emotions, but we should always beware of exaggerating our present danger. 

We also need to remember that every human being lives constantly under a death sentence given in the early days of the world; because of sin and departing from God and His good will, human beings have to die and return to their dust (Gen 3:19).

None of this means that we are without hope, nor don’t do anything to combat the threats and diseases. Because Jesus Christ cancelled sin, defeated evil, promised us resurrection and eternal life, and began the healing and restoration of the universe, in faith and complete reliance on Him, we hope and act for that healing and restoration.

This frees us not to be overly shocked by the presence of the disease, have great hope in Jesus Christ, the world’s Redeemer and Healer, and work to defeat the disease in any way that we are able.

Grace and peace, Jonathan.