Is it possible to lose your salvation?… Some say yes, some say no.

If yes, it’s a scary prospect! As well as having eternal ramifications, it’s also an intensely practical matter. Being assured that our lives are ultimately loved, judged as “ok”, approved and accepted by God, and eternally secure in that truth, affects our well-being, relationships and enjoyment of life, every day.

It is clear that, in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God has done everything necessary to achieve and secure salvation and fullness of life for every person – i.e., so that “the world” might not perish, and be saved (Jn 3:16,17), and that this is achieved by His grace alone (Eph 2:4-9). Jesus declared this when He cried, “It is finished!” on the cross (Jn 19:30).

It is also clear that, for this gift of salvation to be known and effective in our lives, we must receive it. The greatest gift in the universe can’t do us any good if we refuse to take hold of, unwrap it, use it and enjoy it! We do this by believing that it is the truth, repenting, being baptized, and living in the good of it (Mt 28:19,20; Act 2:38).

Our salvation has been established by the Creator and Redeemer Almighty. Nothing can ever undo that; nothing can ever destroy our salvation. However, if we refuse to truly receive it, we can cut ourselves off from it. So, Jesus taught, “Those who believe in him are not condemned, but those who do not believe are condemned already” (Jn 3:18). And if we refused to the end, this can lead to God confirming our decision and cutting us off eternally (Mt 25:40-46).

We have all been given the gift of eternal salvation and fullness of life in Jesus Christ! Make sure we fully receive it and live it with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, every day of our lives!… And why would we want to do anything less?!….

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.