We’re at a low ebb”, I’ve heard said about many things because of the effects of the COVID pandemic – hospitality, tourism, retail, just to name a few… and church life. Many of us wonder when, or even if, things will return to the former ‘highs’ we once knew as ‘normal’! There’s no telling.

James says that, because of a faith in Jesus Christ, a person in a low situation actually has something to boast about. This is because they are raised up! (James 1:9) Those who know that they are low, in their circumstances (like a pandemic), or before God (that they are weak sinners), know that Jesus Christ lifts them up – i.e., saves them from their sin, and gives them a place in God’s family and kingdom forever.

Yet, remarkably, James also says that, because of the same faith in Jesus Christ, a person in a high position can boast about being brought low! (James 1:10) This is because, if they are ‘on a roll’ in their circumstances, or seem to be spiritually and morally strong, they know that ‘just around the corner’, or ‘just under the surface’, they are as weak and sinful as the lowest person, and can ‘come a cropper’ at any minute. Therefore, Jesus Christ gives them just as much extreme grace as anybody else!

So… those who are down, are up; and those who think they are up, are actually down too, which means that they are also up!

Grace upon grace, Jonathan.