At the coronation of King Charles, the public were exhorted to cry out, “May the king live forever!” Someone suggested that Charles may end up being disappointed in this, since history has not given any precedents of kings or queens living forever! That, however, is not what the phrase means.

There is One King over all – i.e., Jesus Christ, Son of God, and Man (Rev 17:14; 19:16); He is the very best possible King, was destined to be so before the world began, and to all eternity (Is 9:6-7). Because He defeated evil by dying on the cross to pay for sins, He was raised from the dead to eternal life, and will indeed live forever.

Under Him, God has seen fit to put in place every form of governing authority – including kings and queens (Ro 13:1-7). But the key phrase here is “under Him”; all earthly rule and authority is to submit to God, and to serve His good will and purpose. When this happens, Jesus Christ works through them and cares for and shapes society for His good purposes. When this doesn’t happen, rule becomes corrupt, and people suffer.

Every earthly ruler, including King Charles, will reach their demise. Yet by faith in Him they too may know that they will be raised like Him to live forever! And we can also be assured that God will continue to raise up all necessary kings, queens, rulers and governors that are needed for the good of His creation and purposes.

Pray for King Charles, and for the Australian Government, under the King who will live forever.

Grace and hope, Jonathan.