Many tumultuous things are happening in our world. The Coronavirus crisis gripping the globe is one among many other problems being faced by the human and, increasingly, Australian communities. Christian love moves and obliges us to help our neighbours in face of these various challenges.Yet we must not be consumed or overwhelmed by the world’s troubles.

We are equally moved and obliged by Christian love to remain trusting, hope-filled, and even quietly joyous. This doesn’t mean “whistling in the dark”, pretending that things aren’t really as bad as they are, nor “beating our chests”, pretending that our “pumped-up” sense of Christian triumph will enable us to face-down all challenges.

No, rather our trust, hope and joy are based solely upon the promise of Jesus Christ, our human Brother, God, Saviour and Redeemer. He faced and went through the worst evil and suffering that earth or hell could throw at Him, died for us, cancelling all of our sins, was raised from the dead to eternal life by the power of God, and will raise us in exactly the same way. He now reigns as eternal Lord, and nothing can ever separate us from God’s love in Him.

With that faith, it is simply realistic for us to be trusting, hope-filled and quietly joyous, as we, with all of our neigbours, face and deal with all the real crises before us. This is truly loving our fellow human beings – i.e., bearing witness to the same unfailing hope that God offers to them, just as He has to us.

Be of good cheer, Jonathan