When the lights on the police car flash in our rearview mirror, and we nervously (or irately!) pull over, and wind down our window to be confronted by the police officer, law is not something we necessarily feel very warm towards!?

When the Bible speaks of God?s law, it includes the things that He commands us to do, and the things He commands us not to do. But it also means a whole lot more than that. It means everything that we need to know in order to have a complete and great life as human beings, including the essential truth of His grace that pays for and forgives our sins, restores us to fellowship with Him, and enables us to live according to His good will.

So God?s law is not just His ?laws? (i.e., His ?rules?). It is also the truth of our redemption by His stunning grace, which heals and restores, gives us a new life, a new start, and transforms us for our best good.

We cannot ignore or live without any part of God?s good law. And when we understand with the Psalmist that it is ?More to be desired than Gold? and ?sweeter than the drippings of the honeycomb? (Ps 19:10), there is no way we would ever want to be without it!

I?ll also keep a closer eye on the speedo. 🙂

Grace and cheers,