A grandmother nurses her baby granddaughter. She is overwhelmed by the love that she feels for her. Delight and tenderness radiate from her face, as she hopes and dreams for the best for this child that is so precious to her. Her tiny granddaughter, however infantile, senses, soaks up and responds to the adoring attention.

Does all of this have its origin in the heart of that grandmother? Is this love a mere human event?… No. There is only one circle and source of unbridled, adoring love and affection in the universe. Aware of it or not, this grandmother and granddaughter find themselves on the inside of God, a part of, and sharing in, the love and joy of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Holy Trinity are not three frozen stone statues in heaven. They live, move, act, speak and listen to one another, love each other to perfection, praise and delight in one another. They created and redeemed us and the universe to reveal their love to us, and to share their life and love with us. The Son, Jesus Christ, made sure of this by dying for us on the cross, to remove all of our sins that separate, and reconcile us eternally to God.

Revel in this!

Grace, you’re soaking in it, Jonathan