Decisions are increasingly made by governments in our Western society that move further and further from God’s good will for humanity. These developments are promoted in the name of “choice”, “progress” and “freedom, but they are actually without substance (like ‘empty breath’, ‘wind’).

This year in South Australia, new legislation on abortion and euthanasia have further asserted the right of human beings to make the ultimate decision to end human life. But as one politician involved in the debate said, “who but God has the right to end life?” (Deut., 32:39) 

This is not to overlook the real difficulties and deep suffering faced by women, the chronically ill and elderly. As Christians, this must call from us mercy, compassion and support, to the greatest extent. However, as was the case for Christ Himself, life without suffering is not possible. 

Our decisions to move further away from God’s good will for humanity throw us into a maelstrom of chaotic human determinations. We have “sown the wind”, and so “reap the whirlwind” (Hos 8:7). This doesn’t leave our society without hope, but precisely with the greatest hope, of readily turning back to Christ our merciful Redeemer, to find forgiveness, sanity, and flourishing life.

Grace and peace, Jonathan.