In the Protestant Reformation of 1517, the Christian church, under the leadership of Martin Luther, rediscovered the truth that grace is the pulsing heart of Christian life. It had been discovered and rediscovered many times before that, as it has been rediscovered many times since. However, the 16th century had seen a loss of it within the church to an astonishing and deplorable extent.

It may be that the Christian church has again fallen in our time (including the Protestant churches and the Uniting Church) into a similar deplorable state in a loss of the truth of grace, marked by:

Our grasp of the truth of grace is a matter of the life or death of the Christian, and of the life or death or the Christian church.

What is certain is that a rediscovery of grace as the pulsing heart of Christian life is needed by the church today, by the Uniting Church, by the Golden Grove Uniting Church, by you, and by me! And it will be needed tomorrow, the day after that, and every day until the end of the current age. Every day must be Reformation Day!… And why would we want it any other way?…

Grace upon grace, Jonathan