We all want peace ? don?t we?!? Especially in our way too manic society, where we work and stress ourselves ?into the ground?. We are ready to grab hold of peace as soon as we get even the ?sniff? of a promise of it.

The question is, is what we grab hold of really peace??.

The Bible speaks about so-called ?prophets? who cry out ?Peace! Peace!? ? i.e., they claim that ?all is well?, there is nothing to be concerned about, and that God is smiling on all that is happening in His world (Jer. 6:14). However, all the time this is utterly false, a lie, and there is no true peace!

What is peace??.

Often what people mean by ?peace? is that, they?ve got a secure job, a good income, a nice house, reasonable health, enough insurance ? basically, that they?re getting what they want, and that they are not in a war, or at least not being given a ?hard time?.

However, Jesus Christ defined peace as receiving His gift of being forgiven and right with God, and with others, and living in harmony with God?s good purpose for our lives, here and now, and in eternity (Jn 14:25-31).

This is real peace, nothing can ever take it from us, it is ?bullet proof?!

Grace and cheers, Jonathan

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