Members of the British Commonwealth, including many who are republicans, found themselves transfixed by the splendour of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. It was a weighty event that exerted a global gravity.

Queen Elizabeth possessed a royal glory; however, her life indicated that it was a borrowed glory. As was clear from the Christian funeral service, and as Queen Elizabeth made plain throughout her life, there is only One ultimate Lord, Jesus Christ. Her splendour was but a partial reflection of His, freely bestowed on her by grace.

The Bible calls us, God’s people, ‘a royal priesthooda holy nation….’ (1Pt 2:9), and that we are ‘joint-heirs with Christ’ (Ro 8:17). Somehow all of King Jesus’ people will ultimately share in the royal splendour that belongs to Him; we will all be ‘little kings and queens’! Not much room for inferiority complexes there!

Jesus, ‘King of kings and Lord of lords’ (Rev 1:5), appears reigning on the throne of heaven as ‘a slain lamb’ (Rev 5:6). He died to pay for and forgive our sin, reconcile us to God, and secure His inheritance for us. He was stripped of all glory, so that we might be made truly glorious!

That transfigures even our most “cracked earthenware” lives with radiant beauty (2Cor 4:7-18)!

Grace and glory, Jonathan.