Don’t you just love it when Clint Eastwood rides into town and cleans everything up with his big gun?! Sometimes we feel that’s how God ought to operate. We can find that all the stuff that’s ‘crook’ in society gets ‘a bit much’ for us; we want to strike out at it, and we reckon God should too.

The only problem is, who is there that has no ‘crookness’ in them? Christian believers? Hardly! You or me?…. If God stepped in right now and tore out everyone who’s crook, who of us would escape getting torn?

And don’t we believe that Christ’s grace and salvation are precisely for those who are crook (sinners)? And aren’t we sinners saved by that grace? Then how could we want to cut off the opportunity for any other crook person to also come to believe, repent and receive the saving grace of Christ?

God will one day ‘call down the curtain’ on all evil, consign it to outer darkness, and set all things to rights in His kingdom. Until then – and just as well for all our sakes – it is the age of God’s mercy. And as someone once truly said, His mercy is as great as His majesty (Ecclesiasticus 2:7).

Let us embrace the gracious Saviour, Jesus Christ, with all our hearts; and hold Him out to every neighbour – friend and enemy alike. 

Grace and peace, Jonathan.