There’s no denying it!….But actually, there’s plenty of denying it; most people – including us – do it most of the time! Among non-Christians, and even plenty of Christians, the whole idea of “sin” has become either watered down to very little or rejected altogether. That is, the idea that people do things that are wrong, that they are held accountable for them by God, and that there are eternal consequences for them.

However, sin happens – it just is – within every member of the human race (Ro. 3:23; Is. 53:6). Whether we deny it or not, it doesn’t matter; it’s there, and we have to come to terms with it. Someone said, “Ultimately every person is subconsciously aware of things not being as they ought.”….

David acknowledged this with himself in Psalm 32, and said that, when he refused to acknowledge his sin, it was like his bones wasting away within him and his becoming spiritually dead!… Are we ever spiritually dry?… or dead?…. Where whole nations refuse to acknowledge their sin, it also has this wasting effect (Ro 1:18-32; Ps 75:7).

But David said that as soon as he acknowledged his sin to God, a flood-gate of forgiveness opened to him, and that God did not count one single sin against him! (Ps 32:5,1-2) Imagine that?…. This forgiveness and healing was accomplished by Christ when He was put to death on the cross for our sins (Ro 4:21), and it is available to all people who will acknowledge their sin to God.

Don’t miss it!

Grace in Christ, Jonathan