At the end of three years of pandemic, a whole year of war in Ukraine, a cavalcade of horrific natural disasters, and increasingly difficult economic conditions, (not to mention our own particular trials) it would not be surprising at all if we found ourselves on a bit of a “downer” this Easter. 

Yet, in light of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Paul tells us that “God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms”! (Eph 2:6) This must mean that we are all included in Christ, and what has happened to Him, He has also made effective for us.

By being raised from the dead Jesus proved that He had defeated death, and therefore also the cause of death – i.e., sin, and therefore also the evil one who exercises power because of sin and guilt. And being raised to eternal life, Christ has been appointed as King at God’s right hand to reign forever.

If we have faith in Jesus Christ, this must mean that we have been given victory over death, sin and the evil one, and share in Jesus’ royal status in heaven (like we are all little kings and queens with Him). One day, in the resurrection, we will see this, more real, solid, substantial and glorious than we can begin to imagine, but we know the reality and power of it now by faith!

This confronts our “downers” and depression with some serious upward lift! As the hymn says, “soar we now where Christ has led”.

Grace & great hope, Jonathan.