Well, it happened… the Aussies managed to go and lose the third test at Headingly!… And despite the prophecy from the Prime Minister – “Just like the Aussies… always winning”. There are not a few bleary-eyed Australian supporters feeling a little ‘stumped’ at the moment!

I had a test myself the other day that didn’t go so well either. Following biopsies, I was discovered to have some low-grade prostate cancer. This is a matter just to monitor at this stage, and hopefully won’t cause any significant trouble in the future. Someone said, “If you’re going to get prostate cancer, this is the type to get”. I wouldn’t have put my hand up! But I trust Christ with this, and pray for His healing.

Many of us have far greater troubles that come to test us. In reality, such things are never far from any of us. King David probably knew more than most – armies, murderous assassins and his own gross sins amongst them, up to “tens of thousands” (Ps 3:6). Yet however tested David was by his troubles, he found that God’s grace would not let him go, would carry him through the most difficult trials, and give him the greatest hope again (Ps 3:1-8).

The ultimate King, Jesus Christ – a descendant of David – one day affirmed that same grace to all who believe in Him, sealed in His own blood as he died to save us. He must save, hold, keep, and lift us up as we look to Him in faith! (Ro 8:31-39)

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.