Matthew 9:9-13

Occasionally I have conversations with a certain relative who lists off a range of ailments. I listen sympathetically. However, when I suggest that one of those ailments sounds serious, and that they should really go immediately to see the Dr and get it thoroughly checked out, they insist that they are really not too bad after all!

But I can’t talk… – it’s taken me six months procrastinating to finally book in for a medical procedure that an experienced specialist told me I “seriously need to have done”!

When it comes to admitting and dealing with our own issues, whether physical, mental or spiritual, we can often recoil, trying to convince others – and ourselves – that ‘it’s not that bad’, and ‘we’re ok mate!’ However, that tendency stops us from seeking the thing we most need – i.e., the one who is able help us, and the healing only they can give.

Jesus said that He didn’t come into the world to help the righteous – i.e., those who think they ‘do the right thing’ and can ‘make it by themselves’. Rather, He says that He only came to help sinners – i.e., those who know deep down that that are weak, and do fail, and can’t ultimately ‘make it by themselves’.

Once we acknowledge that we are broken, Jesus gives us all the healing we could ever want!

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.