We are a free country, for which we are often very pleased when we see what happens in the social systems of some other countries in the world. Christians are also supposed to be free (Gal 5:1). But really, how free are we?….

Freedom is not freedom from restraint – i.e., being allowed to do whatever we want. If we are created and redeemed by God to be His sons and daughters, then freedom is being able to be everything that God created and redeemed us for – i.e., to be His true sons and daughters, and live according to His good will and purpose.

If we followed an impulse to do whatever we like, and if what we like is against God’s good will and purpose for our lives, then we are actually under a terrible bondage to something that prevents us being fulfilled as human beings. In order to be truly free, we have to give up our freedom to do whatever we want, to God.

And God, through the Gospel, actually sets us free for this; He says, “for freedom Christ has set you free”! (Gal 5:1) – i.e., He pays for and forgives our sins, justifies and puts us right with God – all by grace, so that we no longer need to fear failure, nor have to perfect our lives. This sets us free to do God’s good will, just out of love and thankfulness. 

Grace for freedom, Jonathan.