The Times of London once invited readers to write into the newspaper on the theme, “What’s Wrong with the World?”. A brave invitation to a general population of human beings! Amongst the many contributors was one from Christian novelist, G.K. Chesterton. In answer to the question his letter read, “Dear Sir, I am!”.

Basically, we are responsible for the state that the world is in, and we have all contributed to this state of affairs to a greater or lesser degree. We like to blame politicians, of course, but we live in a representative democracy. Rightly or wrongly, our politicians are representing us, doing what we want them to. Politicians hold up a mirror to our society, and to ourselves. 

What we are all to blame for is rejecting the grace of the God of grace. God created the universe and us out of grace. He forgave and redeemed us, giving us the gift of abundant life now, and eternal life, again all from His grace. Yet we try to live our lives relying on our own resources – our self-perceived goodness, and/or our devious scheming, rather than relying on God’s grace. We believe that we owe nothing to God, but everything to ourselves, and therefore go our own way in life (sin) rather than God’s (thankful obedience). The rejection of grace is the source of all evil! 

Grace upon grace, Jonathan.