There was a minister who was admired for always finishing his services at exactly eleven o?clock. Then, one Sunday, the impossible happened. He preached until 11:30. On the way out, one of his elders angrily enquired, “What happened to you?” The minister answered, “For years I have always put a mint lolly in my mouth as the service started, and I would tuck it away. It was always gone at exactly 11. That way, I never had to look at the clock or worry about what time it was. But this Sunday it didn’t go away, and I finally realised I had put a button in my mouth.”

There was an ancient teacher of wisdom who was called Ecclesiastes. He taught the Hebrew people that time should not be a tyrant that demanded all our allegiance. In fact, there was a time for everything. God is the creator of time. God sets the rhythm of reality – the time to mourn, the time to dance, the time to gather in and the time to let go.

Our task as Christians is to be a good steward of time, setting our priorities carefully so that we can live every day to the glory of God.

Thinking of making a New Year?s resolution? Why not ? ?I will live every day to the glory of God.? ?

Rev Gordon