Our Christmas tree isn’t up yet. There are few signs in our house that Christmas is just over four weeks away: just two token, tiny nativity sets and a 15cm wooden ‘tree’.

This is not for lack of interest. I love Christmas! Yet the preparations can feel like another thing to add to an already weighty cognitive load. How can we make space for family get-togethers, gift buying, cards, decorations, and events on top of the rest of a busy life? I would love tips from those of you already have your house trimmed and tinselled, and your presents ready and wrapped.

will make space for all the Christmas things in the next weeks. The tree will be up shortly. My prayer is that we will also make space – real space – for celebrating the miraculous gift of Jesus. This is the baby so named Jesus ‘because he will save his people from their sins’ (Matt. 1:21). This is Immanuel, God with us. May we share with others the ‘good news of great joy for all the people’ (Luke 2:10b). 

Talk about this as part of your chatter about Christmas preparations. Invite people to our Christmas services. Tell children and ‘oldies’ alike about the Christmas baby.

And I’ll get on with the Christmas tree…

Kathryn Button.